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Official Trailer - Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence
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"Such an inspirational story! That woman is a warrior to have survived what she went through. What an amazing woman in what she's doing.” ~Susan H.


“Beautifully made, heartwarming and truthful.” ~Ben S.


“It was a very awesome testimony. As I sit here today thinking, I am just amazed to think that one person through the Holy Spirit and the love of God could change that many lives. Thank you for sharing your story.” Tonya S.


"It was incredible. I felt so much hope after watching this film!” Lauren L.


"This movie is so powerful with its message of faith, hope, and love. It is reality and not Hollywood fantasy. It is about humanity and compassion, and not about money. It is the perfect movie to watch at this time when there is so much division among us, so much misinformation, and so much hatred in our society.” ~Margaret R.


“What an uplifting and beautiful story.” ~Brett M.


“Fabulous and inspiring. I was moved to tears, especially as they described how Bobbi Jo kept adding to her inventory of houses. The way the residents talked about being welcomed home was very affecting as well.” ~Anne F.


"We loved it!!! Wonderful to see what one person can do & how God transforms lives. Still thinking & talking about the movie this morning.” ~Kristin M.


“I very much enjoyed it. Overall, great job. I would recommend this to others.” ~Diana F.


“The impact of this movie was incredible. It was done tastefully and delivered a strong message to the viewer the spiraling effects of drug abuse and how life altering it can be. I think this movie should be mandatory in middle school and high school curriculum. Well done!” ~Randi O.


“It was an excellent film! I learned a lot about homelessness and drug addiction, and it made me realize that there is hope for these people. I am very grateful for your ingenuity during Covid to continue to bring positive life-changing films to us. God bless.” ~Mary Lou R.


"I really loved this documentary and Bobbi Jo's story.” ~Varinia R.


"Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence was a wonderful movie.  This will open the eyes of everyone to the struggles of those trying to restore their lives from drug addiction. Bobby Jo's story is so amazing. We will recommend it to all our friends and family.” ~Curtis and Kim W.


"I just loved Bobbie Jo. I will be telling everyone about this movie.” ~Darcy A.


"This was an awesome movie done very well.” ~Lynn K.


"Honestly, at first I thought, here we go. Here’s another documentary about addiction and the ugliness of that lifestyle. But WOW!!  I loved the movie!  It was so powerful and showed how one person CAN make a genuine and huge impact for the better. It really was a powerful and beautiful story.” ~Maureen H.


"I thought this film was just amazing!" ~Domenica M.


"This is an outstanding movie that certainly answers the questions I have been asking about what we can do to solve the homeless situation in our nation!” ~Karen M.


"Such a great testimony!!! Thanks so much for sharing!” ~Angela P.


"The movie was absolutely fabulous! It took me 2 1/2 hours to watch it because I kept running it back to take notes. Her service in the Kansas City area with people who have substance use disorders is extraordinary. Her organization is a prime example of how recovery works!!” ~Audrey M.

"We thought the film was incredibly powerful. It’s not a story I’ll soon forget." ~Amy C.


"I just finished watching the film. Fabulous and inspiring. I was moved to tears.” ~Anne F.


"I am a recovering alcoholic so I had more than a passing interest in it. I was encouraged and inspired by film. So was my wife.  What a great story. Thanks for allowing me to participate." ~Jim S.


"While Bobbi Jo Reed is obviously a very rare person, she should inspire each of us to do whatever small things we can--it will add up!” ~Mariellen R.


"Her story and achievements are powerful. A remarkable testimony of how a person can bring out all the best inside out regardless of the pain and wounds in life. Healing through helping others is awesome. Thanks so much for such a great film." ~Lionel P.


"Powerful piece. So happy to see someone rise from the ashes, take their life and make it successful." Linda W.


"I was deeply moved by Bobbie Jo's story. The tears flowed constantly as I witnessed the true meaning of God's grace and mercy! So well done, I didn't want it to end! Thank You for sharing it with me.” ~Marcia F.


"Bobbi Jo's story is so inspiring, and obviously she has touched many lives through her and many others' work. She is an angel on earth and I hope she is able to nspire many more lives!” ~Beth K.


"I am so glad I got the chance to watch Bobbi Jo. She is such a strong person and is helping so many people. Very good." ~Joanne F.


"After viewing the very moving and emotionally disturbing film about Bobbi Jo and the transformation that took place in her life, I rejoiced in her victory over addiction but was so saddened and distressed at the many who suffer in similar ways and do not find help. This film is a wonderful way to raise awareness in communities around the country and, hopefully encourage people to reach out and help in whatever way they can. Thanks for making this impactful film available." ~Judith W.


"Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence is remarkable, well told, and reinforces the belief that every human is loved by their creator and capable of redemption. It is good to learn this story in this most difficult time. It is providential that this release is in the center of a global pandemic in the depths of the winter when we all need to be hopeful for one another." ~Mary Ann D.


"It's an inspiring testimony of the miracles that can happen when a noble heart and a brave spirit meet together to help others unconditionally to rebuild their lives. It also teaches us what the power of giving can do for human fulfillment." ~Rosario S.


"The documentary was AMAZING! I couldn't (and didn't want to) miss anything in this doc. Bobbi Jo's story was so uplifting and heartwarming as with the other stories from the additional interviewees! She and everyone else who assists her are building a BETTER community, bridging gaps between people, and strengthening families and friends torn apart from drug and alcohol abuse. I'm glad I was able to see her story and the stories of everyone who was interviewed!" ~Anonymous


"I really enjoyed it. Such an inspiring story. It was a nice change of pace from the current impeachment trial and the Covid-19 issues." ~Maureen W.


“Thanks very much for this awe-inspiring film.” ~Kelunni M.


"Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence is powerful and inspiring! It is a great story of perseverance and faith. I appreciated how the story of her life, addictions, and despair was told first. It beautifully set up her change and openness to the Holy Spirit moving through her. I also enjoyed the stories of those she has helped and their own strength. You could feel the real love and compassion of Bobbi Jo and how others respond to her so positively because she is sincere in wanting to help them." ~Maryrose O.


"I loved this film so much! Thank you for sharing it. It speaks so many truths. I love her honesty and determination. I love her hugs and smile. We are never meant to continue as victims." ~Marianne R.


"I thought it was a well done documentary. Her suffering was transformed to help many others. God bless her for her spirit and love.” ~Donna S.


“This is a wonderful, profound movie. Bobbi Jo’s life is a witness of suffering and strength.  Her witness brings out the pain and suffering of these individuals. It also brings hope. Letting them know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That there are people who love them. Thanks for this great film.” ~Maria A.


“Thank you SO much. It was really really really hard to watch the first 25minutes. But so glad I kept at it! Moving.” ~Clara F.


“ I thought the film was very powerful and engaging.” ~Christy R.


"This movie was amazing. I wish everyone could see it. The difference Bobbi Jo has made to this area in Kansas City is nothing short of miraculous.” —Kelli B.

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